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At Lifespan, we place a strong emphasis on providing excellent health care services for men and women who have put their lives on the line to defend our country.  We believe veterans should have direct access to the highest quality and most affordable healthcare offered in the medical industry.  In our VA clinic, we are committed to doing our part in serving these veterans by supporting an effective veteran’s health care program.  Lifespan is contracted by Memphis Veteran Affairs.  In order to receive direct care as a veteran with VA benefits, you must proceed with the application and approval process with the Memphis office.  You must first complete an application with the Memphis VA Medical Center.  For more information, visit

What Can You Expect as a Veteran?

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is obligated to offer eligible veterans with outpatient care.  The VA considers any service or care as necessary if it preserves, restores or promotes health including anything from treatments and procedures, services and supplies.  The decision of whether care or any form of service is considered necessary in your particular case is usually up to the health care provider.  At Lifespan, we work closely with our veteran patients to ensure they are receiving the maximum benefit of these healthcare policies.

Our Best Salute

Within our nation's borders, the best way we can honor our nation's finest men and women is by providing excellent affordable healthcare services.

Are You Eligible for VA Health Care?

Your eligibility for VA health care is determined by a number of factors for each program including:

  • How You were Discharged from Military Service
  • How Long You Served
  • The Disabilities Connected to Your Service
  • Your Income Level
  • What VA Resources are Available

Lifespan serves all veterans, but in order to receive VA health benefits you must enroll with the Memphis VA health care system.  For additional information, visit the Memphis VA Medical Center website by clicking here.

What You Can Expect At Our VA Clinic

We have an extensive range of specialists covering all branches of medicine along with other health-related fields such as behavioral health.  Thus, when you become a VA patient of Lifespan, you will receive the absolute best care, regardless of your needs.

We want to ensure the men and women who have served our country receive the best treatment and care.  All our physicians are dedicated to assisting veterans in maintaining and restoring their health.  That includes developing long-term care plans for healthy living, recovery from various disorders, conditions or diseases as well as managing behavioral conditions for an improved standard of living.